Rugkwan Kulavanich 2002 from Thailand – COTM April 2023

When I was a kid, I have a chance to drive 1984 BMW E21. I don’t even think I would stand a chance at the age of 17 and it’s twice in the next 2 years. I was in love of the performance and roadholding.

Next few year, I had another BMW in my occupying, and leads me to a Bimmer. I am loving it, and I think I have to experience more and more until I totally fall in love with BMW E10 2002.

I found this beloved E10 sleeping in amidst of the busy city in 2008. The engine and gear was disassemble in the trunk.

It was parking in my friend’s garage for 4 tears. Meanwhile, I was collecting the parts from local and aboard to build it as a track car style. I don’t have any excuse that the classic 2002 is so beautiful but also the track style. Thus, I interweave both of them !

Engine and gear detail

– Original Engine M10 matching with chassis number with Ti cylinder head.

– Bathtub pistons

– Schrick camshafts 306

– Header custom

– Twin Webber45

– E21 5 speed manual transmission


Wheels and suspension

– Compromotive ML1582 7” front and 8” rear

– Tein slide cylinder front and HKS rear

– Calliper Brake front R7 and AE86 rear

– Hankook Ventur TD 195/55/15 and 205/55/15

14 times on slide car with 15 years of finishing. As of popular Thai phrase “race car, rest car…”

Thanks to all the friends and brothers for helping me out finishing this car as I have no mechanic knowledge. It is rough but fun. We were having a great time throughout the time until now.

2 thoughts on “Rugkwan Kulavanich 2002 from Thailand – COTM April 2023”

  1. Thank you very much for choosing this car as the car of the month. It makes me feel very grateful and encouraged to see my own car in the eyes of 02 car lovers in the world. Thank you very much for doing this continuously. Long so that people who love 02 can see various models as a way to restore the car in their own way.

  2. I would like to give you my best gratitude for your work. Your intention to express the story of BMW02s is very fascinating and I feel delightful.

    Cheers to your great job and our love on BMW02s


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