Jakob Streek’s 1802 from Germany – COTM March 2023

Specs– 1974 1802– fully restored

– original bmw color Golf Gelb (yellow)– m10 B18 318i e30 with 5-speed

– bmw 5.5×13 multispoke wheels – Tii clock and rpm gauge in the dashboard and Victor steering wheel

– additional Hella lights– pdklassiks Venetian blind in the back window

– TA Technix airride with Airlift management – slightly green tinted windows all around Story:– car was originally delivered to its first owner in Cologne, Germany where it stayed until the 90s. Then a man from a town nearby drove it and treated it not the best way.

– It was left then until a few years ago, when a buddy and his dad bought it and brought it back to life with great attention to bodywork and detail. They did a really good job in fully restoring it and making it better than new.

In the restoration process they’ve added an m10b18 Engine out of an e30 anlongside a matching 5 speed gearbox. – they enjoyed it for quite some time and then sold it for because of new projects. – then I Bought the car in 2020.

Since then I am continuously driving and maintaining the car to my sense of perfection. I use the car as a daily driver in summer and it runs perfect. Pure pleasure to drive.I’m also optimising some parts to make the car look like I’ve dreamt of it.

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