The Last 2002 Turbo No.1672

I was the second owner, found stuck in an Italian BMW Dealer car park (Cremona) negleted for 30 years. Rotten wasn’t the word. I eventually sold to guy in the Midlands who has apparently finished the resotoration of the “worlds last Turbo”.    

Stuart Moulton’s Stryker Red 1974 S14 2002tii – COTM Nov 2023

What’s the perfect 2002? If you ask 100 people, you’ll get 100 different answers—from show-room stock to wildly modified and everything in between. Of course, there’s a sweet spot, melding the best OEM BMW parts—mechanical, interior, exterior—with proven aftermarket upgrades—brakes, suspension, and go-fast goodies. And that’s where Stuart Moulton’s Stryker Red 1974 2002tii fits on …

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