My 02

This 2002 Tii has lots of goodies installed.

Short videos here, enjoy;

Below; Image taken by Joseph Steel at the Petrolicious meeting Bicester Heritage Centre 12th May 2019


Highly desirable round rear light model

Only 6 previous owners for 46 year old car (2019) 

Every MOT from new, Free-road tax qualifying. Massive A4 folder with comprehensive history to date

Fully restored (twice as I wasn’t happy the first time) All new panels including;

Front wings, rear arches, doors, bonnet, boot lid, rear panel, boot floor, floor pan, and sills

Engine: BMW 304 Schrik camshaft, gas flowed head, ports all matched to inlets and exhaust, high compression pistons, 1mm over sized inlet valves, balanced connecting rods and crankshaft. Balanced clutch and flywheel. 

Estimated 145-150BHP

Full Stainless steel exhaust system (fitted Dec 2014) and custom manifold (to be fitted soon)

New top-tint laminated front windscreen (fitted Dec 2014), and all new tinted windows and genuine door rubbers

Spax adjustable suspension, 20% updated springs all round lowered 6″

5-Speed Getrag overdrive gearbox

New Clutch slave cylinder (2017)

Brand new Turbo Vented front discs, new callipers (4-pot), hoses and new BMW master cylinder (2016)

New Injection warm-up unit and recon injection pump 

Full glass-out body restoration in 2012-14, resprayed with 5 layers of original Colorado Orange (Code: 002) with upgraded front Cobra sports seats (transformed the car when driving for comfort and support)

Converted to short bumper model and lower trim removed (welded not filled)

Brakes completely replaced (everything); new 4-pot turbo callipers, flex hoses, BMW master cylinder, Servos, turbo rear wheel cylinders etc

New silicon water hoses, thermostat, belts, battery (Bosch) 

13” Alpina look-a-like Alloys wheels shot blasted and then powder coated with black early logo Alpina centre caps. With Yokohama tyres

New chrome Hella front driving lights

New Badges and correct raised letter Roundels

New tinted glass all round (2017)

New chrome waist trim

New chrome grills

Additional VDO gauges on centre pod custom made 1-off (oil temp, oil pressure and amps)

Very rare un-cracked dash top

Leather 3-spoke sports steering wheel with Alpina centre horn button

New seat belts

Waxoyld into sills and all cavities and Undersealed

New Differential (to be fitted Q1 2019)

Vapour blasted Tii Plenum pipes and inlet system (fitted March 2019)

Custom made “Alpina” rocker cover

Upgraded Blaupunkt Bluetooth, USB, CD, system in centre console with hi –output concealed speakers

Current Insurance agreed value £45k (2019)

Latest images June 2012 nearly ready for paint;

All new panels except the doors, which were perfect used ones.

latest progress (1st August 2012);

[You didn’t enter a valid video URL. Please try again.]

Being re-assembled early August 2012;

1 week to go……..(12th Aug);

Oh dear, broken rocker, these are apprently cheap copies, so thankfully I have a genuine set to replace these with.

The project is now behind schedule, but the pressures off, so we need to get this right.

So we’ve decided to take the whole engine out and repaint the engine bay whilst replacing all the rockers. I suppose it’s better to have found out now rather than when the cars back on the road.

6 previous owners
Last on road April 2006
Every MOT from new
All new panels including;
Front wings, rear arches, doors, bonnet, boot lid, rear panel, boot floor, floor pan, and sills.
Engine: BMW 300 camshaft, gas flowed head, ports all matched to inlets and exhaust, high compression pistons, 1mm over sized inlet valves, balanced connecting rods and crankshaft. Balanced clutch and flywheel.
Estimated 145-150BHP (cost £1250)
Alpina style wheels 6j 13″ ATS (cost £450)
Stainless steel exhaust system
Spas adjustable suspension, 20% updated springs all round lowered 1″
5-Speed overdrive gearbox
Vented front discs
Contact less ignition
£3900 spent in Nov 2001  on all modifications
New Injection warm-up unit in 2002
Recon injection pump in Jun 2002
Full glass out body restoration in 2012, resprayed with 5 layers of original Colorado Orange (002) with upgraded front Cobra sports seats.
Converted to short bumper model and lower trim removed.
Brakes serviced and replaced, all fluids filters replaced, new hoses, thermostat, belts, battery (Bosch).
Valuation in 1991 at £4000. Value when finished £12-15k?
Latest images of the top end engine rebuild and engine bay restoration (Sept 2012), soon be done (so  I keep telling myself);
Engine refit this week (03/10/12);
Latest image 10th Sept 2012, front bumper (early model) fitted;
Latest images 14th Jan 2013.
Still lots to do as not pleased with lot of the work, mainly lacking brakes, only thing left to replace is the Servo’s. Also it’s a “mess” and need a serious going over. No fuel gauge, rev counter, can’t turn lights off (side lights) and needs a through scrub (inside). Engine idling around 1500 RPM after it’s second rebuild – you can imagine my frustration, sooner I get it in the garage and do it myself the better.
Finally got in the garage, and horrified.
As for the quality of work not so much the bodywork, but everything else. The car is practically falling apart, everything hanging off, parts missing, filthy, wrong screws everywhere, wiring a nightmare, even paint over the headlight bulbs. I've already spend several days going over it and still got tonnes to do.

Fitted new headlamps as others had poor reflectors, removed bumpers (as they need to go back to be rechromed) and they weren't fitted properly. Scrubbed and Cleaned interior, installed centre console and stereo (very important), cleaned all glass in/out, treated and refitted all door seals, window rubbers. Repaired and refitted rear badge, replaced instruments for new cluster, fitted new led rear bulbs and cleaned the outside. Brake hoses loose, door panels fitted with double-side tape, bolts missing out of window mechanisms, even an engine mount bolt missing - ARGHHHH

Tightened up seats belts (as loose), polished and refit front grills, going over everything and either refitting, cleaning or replacing as I go. Also need to sort out the engine running idling. Obviously brakes are critical, swap tyres and maybe get to drive it soon.
Replace indicators and refitted bumpers correctly;

02 front bumper quarterLatest news - June 2013

Well I am using the 02 inspite still not as I want it and few things not working properly. First one being the brakes. Everything is brand new, yet it takes a second press of the brake pedal to get a firm pedal.

New 4-pot brake callipers, new ATE (BMW) Master Cylinder, new Flexible hoses, new hoses from reservoir, rebuilt servo's and sent back again to double-check, new rear wheel cylinder, and gallons of fluid pushed through the system. However, I'm suspecting the pressure bleeder isn't the right tool for this. More soon.

HMS 2013 F

I dragged the 02 out for the fantastic Historic Masters Series bank holiday weekend at Brands Hatch, as every year we get invited free of charge to put on a classic display of BMW’s, those that took up the offer enjoyed the sunshine, racing and displays. It’s an open pit lane, paddock and grandstands, I really can’t emphaises how good and enthusiastic this event is. You can touch the cars (if you ask), talk to the teams and drivers and watch the fabulous racing. One of the best bits for me is the paddock, hiding out among the Winibagos are so stunning recreation and original historic and classic cars. Normally there are a few Neue Klasse teams, but now 2002’s qualify, so what a revelation to see replica 02 race cars in the paddock (great photo opportunity) and real live action on the track.

HMS 2013 E HMS 2013 D


HMS 2013 C


HMS 2013 B



Latest April 2014

Tii back together April 2014 02

Latest images Dec 2014

RS 2002 Tii 1020 RS 2002 Tii 1022 RS 2002 Tii 1010 RS 2002 Tii 1012 RS 2002 Tii 1013 RS 2002 Tii 1014 RS 2002 Tii 1015 RS 2002 Tii 1016 RS 2002 Tii 1017 RS 2002 Tii 1021

Short video here;

Latest pictures from photo shoot for Practical Classics magazine, cover car;

image image image image image

Brand New rear lights found (NOS) still in the original boxes – what a find!


NEC Classic Car Show Guide featured car 2016 and used on the 2017 & 2018 Publicity for show

Used on the NEC Classic Guide 2017 Front cover;

Featured in BMW Car magazine August 2017 (Cover car)

Old style “Alpina” centre caps and “Alpina” 13″ alloys now fitted

“Alpina” style centre cloth on front sports and rear seats, with leather outer

Silicon Heater hoses fitted and Map-able electronic 123-Ignition distributor

Car also now all tuned. Runs, corners and stops like a true sports car should

Below; at the Warren Classic and Sports Car show 2017 with a beautiful 2002 fresh from restoration

Below, lovely 3-spoke leather sports steering wheel (notice chrome ring and red needle gauges).

Also new NOS indicator/wiper stalk fitted (Oct 2017);

Red crinkle finish rocker cover and chrome oil cap;

June 2018 – New Hand-made Cocomats (orange fleck). These are gorgeous, amazing quality. More details go to

Main Feature in Classics Monthly July 2015;

On the Circuit at Brands Hatch;

NEC Classic 2016. Was also main car in programme guide and the 2017 advertising;

One of my favourite photos taken by Joseph Steel at NEC 2016;

Warren Supercar and Classic Show 2017. With a friend;

BMW Car main feature August 2017;

Various other recent shots;

Front Cover of Straight Six Sept 2018;

Vabour blasted (Thanks to Tii Plenum inlet system fitted March 2019, freshened up the engine bay nicely;

March 2019 (above)

Above taken April 2019

Below, new Marchal custom made driving light covers and oil change carried out (every 4k miles or less since ownership) with Millers Classic 20/50W

Below; taken by Joseph Steel 12th May 2019 at Petrolicious meeting Bicester Heritage centre

Below; Artwork of the above image done by Libor Hotar

Below is from photo shoot for CLASSIC CAR Magazine Sept 2019 edition – Super Saloons;

Pictures below taken by Dave Smith (fellow 02 owner);

Below; modified efficient air filter conversion

Q1 2021 updates;

Above – custom made to order rocker cover from TJ Performance.

Below – new “Alpina” alloys to freshen up the car.

Below – John Bimmer (FB) custom made sill covers.

Below; April 2021 somewhere in Essex

Below, DID-Day at Woodham Mortimer, pictures care of Dave Smith

Below; Silverstone Festival August 2023

Substantial serious offers invited, get in touch.

Always more soon