The 02 Register

I (Richard Stern) have run the 02 Register for over 20 years, in the early days with the Internet relatively unknown I set-up this website which has became the worldwide ‘Mecca’ for 02 information, this helped build contacts across the world and a mindful of information that everyone enjoyed and benefitted from.

I have made good friends all over the world and helped owners from behind the scenes to restore and keep their 02’s running. I raised interest in many international magazines and TV programmes (Massive Engines/Top Marques/various TV adverts) and built links with other Clubs across the world, I don’t think anyone has raised as much interest in the model like myself, mention 02’s and usually my name comes up in the conversation (in a good way).

Submit your 02 for a future COTM all I need is at least 6 good images and some information or a story on your 02, they do not need to be concours examples just “real” 02’s. Email your 02 to:

If anyone has any useful 02 information and would not only like to see it in the magazine and on the web site please let me have your thoughts, I’d love to hear from you at the above address.