Jakarwit Tuntrakul’s 2002 Tii Touring – COTM May 2023

Hello peeps, my name is Jakarwit Tuntrakul. You can call me Oat even though I’m 44.

I have been falling in love with classic BMWs since 15 years old. When I saw 2002 touring Tii as a model, I have set a goal to have one. And I get it.

This 2002 is originated in The Netherlands in a hand of racer and mechanic.

It was restored perfectly by the previous owner during 1996-1997, and brought many trophies back. Also, it was named as the most beautiful car in The Netherlands.

In the year of 2002, the previous owner moved to live in Thailand and brought this beloved car with him too.

Unfortunately, he passed away a few year later and none of his family live in Thailand. Thus, his son was finding some car lover to  take care of this beloved one. And I’m the chosen one.

After I got the 2002, I restored it again and brought it to Classic Revival @ Chang Stadium for testing its performance. I found out that it is beyond my expectation in every dimension.

Alpina wheel E21 with 175/70r13

Engine M10, 2000cc Tii EFI

Police BMW style

Conservative interior

Thanks to the family of the previous owner who give me chance to take care of this 2002.

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