Robin Hillis modified S14 2002 – COTM July 2022

Car will be at Sommerfest 6/7th August and for sale to series interested parties. £40K Email [email protected]

I have always had at least one BMW 2002 in my garage over the years of varying specifications. Although most have been competition rally cars many have been interesting road cars from a 2002 Turbo to a 1600 Ti Alpina.

This one however is something completely different. Definitely not for the purists or the “Original Police”

It is however my interpretation of the 2002 BMW might have built, had the technology and components been available to them in the 1970’s

Over ten years ago I purchased an S 14 engine from a U.K BMW specialist with the intention of installing it in a very nice 1600 Ti Alpina car that I owned, however every time I tried to start work on the job I just could not bring myself to mess up the originality of this lovely car and so the project was shelved…… That is until I located an totally original low- mileage , rust free and unmarked 1502 for sale in Italy!

The project was on again.

I wanted this to be the ultimate 2002 road car. Classic 2002 looks and style but super car performance and modern car reliability and comfort. I also wanted it to look like it had been built by the BMW factory and not by me and a few of my mates in the back shed!

Sounds like an easy enough brief?  Well, many years later and after numerous delays and changes of plans not to mention many, many hours of work and a lot of technical input and assistance from some of my good BMW friends, here is what I ended up with.

I think it was worth all the effort. I hope you do too.


BODY SHELL:  1976  1502  : – Italian specification. Totally original and rust- free shell. No replacement panels or welding repairs. Polaris Silver paintwork.

ENGINE:  Original S. 14 2.3 Ltr. Unit. Rebuilt by L.H.Owen.

New big end and main bearings, piston rings, sodium filled exhaust valves, guides, seals, timing chain and guides replaced. New oil pump, chain, water pump, all gaskets and seals replaced.  Distributor, air flow meter and Cat. removed.

Omex 600 ECU.,  Bosch 450cc high speed injectors, custom plenum with 100m K&N filter.

Custom 65mm twin silencer exhaust system (85db @4000rpm)

Current dyno.test from Westward Eng.  215BHP @6750 RPM, 250Nm. (Print out available)

GEARBOX/TRANSMISSION:  Getrag 255 5 speed (O/D) gearbox. Quick shift lever. Fitchel & Sachs H/D clutch kit.

Custom propshaft with H/D (7 series) centre bearing. ZF L.S.D. 3.65 : 1  40% lockup.

FRONT SUSPENSION:  Bilstein adjustable platform H/D struts, 300/70 inverted bolt in tarmac inserts. 2 ¼” 350Lb. springs

I.E. alloy needle roller/spherical bearing top mounts (Full camber adj.) I.E. 22mm adjustable anti-roll bar. S/Steel strut brace bar

All bushings poly. or comp spec. rubber. All bearings Hi-speed SKF

REAR SUSPENSION:  Reinforced Tii type trailing arms adjustable for camber and toe in.

Pro-Shock alloy adjustable platform coil- over units with 2 ¼” 300Lb. springs

I.E. 22mm adjustable anti-roll bar. I.E. internal rear shock tower brace.

All bushings poly. or comp. spec, rubber. All bearings Hi-speed SKF.

STEERING:  ZF steering box with modified steering arms to give 2.5 turns L – L ( Zero bump steer). Fitted with electric power- assistance , fully adjustable from dashboard.

MoMo Prototipo 350mm steering wheel.

FRONT BRAKES:  255mm x 22mm vented discs (Slotted and dross-drilled). Willwood FU 120 4 piston callipers (BP 10 pads).

REAR BRAKES:  240mm solid discs with Girling single piston calliper (Q ,type pads), Mechanical hand brake linkage. Servo assistance, all brake lines Aeroquip stainless steel.

WHEELS/TYRES: Front and rear Minilite 6J x 13 Alloy. Toyo R 888R 185 x 60 x 13 Tyres.

INTERIOR: Leather Recaro front and rear seats from BMW M635 i.

CA classic tachometer and speedo. with digital odometer (80mm). Fuel level, oil pressure, oil temp., water temp. and voltmeter (52mm) .Classic Audio retro style FM/DAB radio unit. New Securon seat belts.

Electric front windows. Remote central locking.

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