HP Classics 2000 Touring – COTM August 2022

Having owned a 2002 myself, twice in fact as they are just so good, when the opportunity to stock one came up, I thought it would be a great move, as it is really easy to sell something that you’re really passionate about. A serial BMW nut, having owned almost everything barring an E9 (one day), it would be right at home at HPC Classics.
A really honest 2 owner car, with history dating a long way back, in a lovely colour combo and those classic roundie lamps (yes, all tourings have them due to their limited production period). Add to that a manual box and a brilliant interior and only the one crack on the dash, it was a no brainer to bring her into the fold. She looks every bit as good as the Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 she is sat next to too. As iconic, special and equally as cool to boot.
It has had a lot of work to keep it on the road over the years, all evidenced within the history file and showing on the car too. Thus it’s not a perfect car, it hasn’t just been restored, nor has it been laid up all of its life, it has been used, but not abused and lovingly kept on the roads. It is well known that a car is only original once and this one is a rarity in that a vast majority of it hasn’t been messed with. About the only upgrade are the 4 pot Volvo brakes up front, which a lot of these cars have. A brilliant chouice too, as the car stops on a dime. In fact my old car even had the same brakes and I would highly recommend them to anyone with an ’02.
If it were mine, I’d be fitting some sportier suspension and some BMW Spline alloys, with a set of grippy tyres, along with a manifold & twin carb set up with a Schrick Cam to finish things off, but it is so original it seems a shame to do so! So we have opted to leave her just as she is, besides a new set of black and silver plates, a service and a carb tune as the rest is all spot on!
Time for a new owner to take the reins and get out and inspire the next generation of BMW nuts, just like us lot!
See you on the road!
Miles, Chris & the team at HPC Classics Limited

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