Prajak Tantikulwijit modified 2002 – COTM June 2022

BMW M10 2002 Caburetor in Polaris
Service by : XammaX Garage
Original m10 single carburetor engine come with MT 4 speed
in the beginning, it was a car wreck with engine and suspension only no interior and poor color work. It had to rework all over again. Because, I want to keep this car for my son so I intendly reconstruct the car from 0-100.
I hope that my son will passionate in classic and vintage of bmw2002 like me. Although it is not 100% classic look from its manufacturer, it is contemporary art on car from my style.
Tom9 Garage took care of engine for daily usage.
Come with, black leather classic interior
Air suspension 4 valves
DSP audio
Customized metal front lip
All Wheels
Ykw 15×8  185-45-1
Im so happy having bmw2002. I could driving around with friends whether in city or out of town. I do not have to worry about performance of this car because I start rework on it since beginning with heart. Also, I love taking my family for a trip with bmw2002. Whereever I go, there must be some people take my car pictures and come talk to me about this car. I do love to share how I come up with this car. who is the best engine mechanic, who is the best in interior, and who is the best in suspension work, I do willing to share from my experience because I want all the bimmer be happy with a good bmw.

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