Smart Tech Upgrades for Your Classic BMW – By Lucy Wyndham

There’s a certain prestigious feeling that comes with owning a rare classic car like the BMW 2002 series. Most people who collect classic cars do so purely for their designs. Classic car designs belong to a previous age that many people look back on fondly, where designers were unencumbered by modern constraints such as aerodynamic drag coefficients or crash tests, and instead designed beautiful shapes that reflected the trends and mood of the time. However, it can get quite frustrating driving a classic car today when it does not have the modern tech features that have revolutionised the driving experience. Luckily, there’s a huge aftermarket of add-ons and gadgets that you can install in your classic car to give it a modern feel without affecting its appearance.

Install parking sensors 

Parking a car can be very frustrating when you don’t know how much room you have left at the back especially when parking in tight or dark spaces. There’s always a chance that you will hit something and damage your vehicle or even worse, someone else’s vehicle. Thankfully, you can now buy a set of parking sensors for as little as £20 and install them in any car.

Upgrade the security system 

You should not rely on 20-year old locks to protect your classic car in this day and age. Classic cars are highly sought after not only by petrolheads but also by thieves as well. As such, you should ensure that your vehicle is adequately protected from all kinds of physical and online threats. You can start by getting rid of old locks and installing modern, highly reliable locks. You also need an alarm system, preferably one of those modern types that connect to your smartphone. You can also install a tracking system to keep you in the know of where your car is at all times. When you have modern systems in your car that use online networks, also remember to invest in a security system to protect against cyber threats. You may have the best alarm system, but it’s useless if a thief can easily disable it with his computer.

Install tyre pressure monitors

Tyre pressure not only affects the driving experience but it can also affect the safety of the vehicle. When one or several of your tyres are not at the correct pressure, the handling is affected and this can have catastrophic results. You can install tyre pressure monitors to keep tabs on pressure levels for all your tyres. Some tyre pressure monitoring systems transmit information to a display stick on the dashboards while others can transmit to your smartphone.

Upgrade the entertainment system 

Driving a classic car is fun, but it will be a lot better when your favourite music is playing in the background. Most classic cars do not have an entertainment system and if they do, it’s usually terrible compared to modern standards. You can install a modern entertainment system but the tricky part will be hiding the subwoofer and finding a head unit which will blend in with your classic dashboard. Luckily, some sound system providers sell retrofit head units for classic vehicles.

Contrary to what you may have heard, your classic car will still be regarded as a classic car even if it has some modern components installed. With the above upgrades, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds; a beautiful authentic classic car design and clever modern features to improve your driving experience.


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