Dave and Sue Burnett’s, 1971, 2000 Touring – Car of the Month Sept 2019

The way it all began.

On the 25th March 2005 we flew from the Gold Coast, Queensland to Melbourne, Victoria to pick up our recently purchased 1971 2000Touring and then drive the 1700 klms. home to the Gold Coast. With the car purring like a kitten, the return trip was incident free and was completed after an overnight stopover.  Next day the makeover started.


As we bought it !!

During rebuild, wheel arch flares were fabricated and fitted along with a new ‘in house’ aluminium fuel tank of 55lt.

To compensate for the hot Queensland summers, light weight insulation was installed in the roof cavities, side panels and doors.

The carpets had been replaced by the previous owner and the car, not being rebuilt as a concourse vehicle, no alterations were needed in that department.

Many different carburettor set-ups were tried on the 2.0lt. engine, starting with the standard Solex single throat which didn’t last long. Next was the duel throat Weber downdraft, which also lacked the performance required.

Next were near new twin 1¾”  SU side draught carburettors. At this stage a new high performance cam was installed. While the performance was good and improving, the engine seldom seemed to run right under all conditions.

Finally, after much deliberation, and seeing the car was going to be used to do some track Sprint racing, a spare 2.2lt. long motor of 205HP was fitted complete with 45mm Webers, gas flowed head, track cam and tube headers.

After many years of fun we decided to remove the Touring from competition and tame the performance down a bit. The 45mm Webers, tube headers and track cam were replaced with 40mm Webers, ported cast exhaust manifold for more reliability and a milder cam.  After some time on the dyno we have ended up with a very respectable 179hp.

Keeping good company with the Group Nc race car.

Some suspension, brake and exhaust modifications were made along the way. Adjustable front and rear suspensions including  ‘in house’ Polyurethane bushes were manufactured and fitted.

Stainless steel exhaust system provided an excellent exhaust sound along with trouble free motoring.

The first outing with the car, a very proud moment. So many enthusiasts came up to us saying, “I have never seen one of those before!!”  Tourings were never imported into Australia and the small numbers that are here, have been privately imported.

A very rare photo indeed, the only 71 2000Touring road registered in Australia with Kangaroos in the background. The photo was taken at a local Cars and Coffee outing at Currumbin on the Gold Coast earlier this year.

After a little over 14 years of ownership, 35,000 trouble free Klms. and passing through many different development stages, the final piece of the puzzle was initiated when a 123 ignition  was fitted recently. The transformation in engine smoothness was amazing.

The car is now finished and only used on weekends and club gatherings. So far the only thing needed has been regular servicing along with detailed body and paint maintenance as required.

This car rebuild has been a family exercise joining together all our personal wishes to a high standard throughout and will be passed on to other family members when necessity prevails.

Dave and Sue Burnett

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