Budget-Friendly Tips for Keeping Your Little One Safe When Driving (Suzie Wilson)

When you become a parent, there are certain risks you can no longer take when driving. Apart from making sure your baby is strapped in and staying focused on the road, it’s essential that your car is in good condition. What complicates the matter is that, now that you have a baby on board, you’re likely also on the lookout for things that won’t blow your budget. The following affordable tips shared by BMW 2002, including using tips on tech safely and maintaining your car, will help you drive responsibly.

Be Smart with Your Smartphone

While it’s never safe to use your phone while driving, there are ways your smartphone can help you be a safe driver. Whether you are taking personal calls or work-related ones, you need to be safe while driving. Choose a phone that has hands-free usage and can support helpful apps you can use in case of emergencies. One app that could be great for you is Android Auto, that you can put on your Android smartphone. The app places easy-to-use information directly on your dashboard so you won’t have to use the phone itself.


You can also access a navigation system based on Google maps, and many of the features are voice-activated. If you’re ready to replace your phone, then consider getting your hands on a Samsung Galaxy S10 for its excellent battery and fast internet speed. If you’re an Apple fan, then look into the iPhone 11 Pro for its durable glass and long battery life. Apple phones can also easily integrate into your car’s system for hands-free use.

Develop a Schedule

As you might expect, there are specific things you need to take care of to keep your car in proper working condition. It’s easier to get this done if you develop and follow a car maintenance schedule. CarGurus explains that most mechanics recommend keeping track of your mileage so you can use it to determine what needs to be done. For example, your air filter needs to be changed before 30,000 miles, while your braking system and coolant needs to be changed before you get to 60,000 miles.


According to AAMCO, you can keep your costs in check by sticking to the maintenance schedule recommended by your manufacturer. You should also shop around for discounts on new tires, oil changes, and wheel alignment.

Get the Right Auto Insurance Policy

Another aspect of driving safety is making sure you have the right auto insurance coverage. If you’ve been with the same company for some time, it’s probably time to shop around for better rates. According to the Insurance Information Institute, you can get the best rates by choosing the right coverage and finding an insurance company that not only provides the best premium but is also stable.

Keep Your Bundle of Joy Safe without Paying a Bundle

Making sure your baby is safe when you’re driving doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. You can keep your costs down by sticking to a schedule and finding affordable ways to maintain your car. Discounts and promo codes can also come in handy for car maintenance and emergency car rentals.


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