Manhart’s 2002 Tii Alpina – COTM July 2023

Very rare ALPINA 2002 tii from 1973

The vehicle has been lovingly restored and only built with original Alpina parts.

ALPINA A4 engine 2.0 M10 rotates 8500 rpm

Develops 200BHP, 1990 cm³, Revs to 8500 RPM

5 speed manual close-ratio gearbox 323i

E21 Brakes and axles 323i

E21 Ventilated front disc brake Rear disc brake

Alpina coilover suspension by Raab Classics

Alpina tuning by EMU Classic ECU

Alpina air box with K&N air filter

Alpina single choke Alpina rims 8×16 three-piece

Alpina headers Alpina extensions (pig cheeks)

Alpina sports seats with original covers

Alpina floor mats

Alpina Clubsport hanger

Everything registered and H approval sports car

Number of owners: 2

New Color green Color (manufacturer) Agave

Car is currently for sale €150,000

Contact Manhart Germany for more information;

Tel.:        +49 (0) 202 – 94624445

Fax:        +49 (0) 202 – 94624450

Mobil:     +49 (0) 172 – 4705588



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