Thanapat Veskavee 02 Touring – COTM Dec 2021

Owner Thanapat Veskavee
Service By Jib Garage
Engine: Original engine M10 with twin carburetor webber dcoe40
Transmission: MT 5 speed with 4.26 lsd
Color: Polaris
My first impression in this car is the round rear light model. In 2018, I owned my first red BMW 1600. I feel so enthusiastic driving up north to Chiang Mai (Northern Province of Thailand) with my lovely wife. I feel royal when take her on my e10 😝.
Second chance of owning e10
Mr. Jack who was previous owner of this BMW2002 touring, which become mine later, kindly hand over this touring to me.
Restoration and Customization
Actually, the car is so gorgeous itself , but I want perfection. Jib Garage restored engine and suspension for me for daily life usage.
Covering with Black-Red Alcantara over original seat.
Shock absorber
Spiral struts lower4”
M10 2000 Carburetor Engine with 318ihead
Body part
Turbo Look
Repair and Decoration
by Xammax garage
Front wheel
BBS rs001F15x8 Yoko (195-45-15)
Rear wheel
BBS rs001R15x9 Yoko(195-45-15)
Thank you for wonderful pictures
#accerelation and #nookomkung

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