How to Get on the Road to Becoming a Safer, Better Driver

When we drive safely, everyone wins. It ultimately makes the roads safer for everyone, from our passengers to the other drivers and pedestrians around us. If you’re trying to improve how you drive, BMW 2002 encourages you to think about the bigger picture.

Understanding High-Risk and Insurance Rates

No one intends for it to happen, but sometimes, we become high-risk drivers. Unfortunately, this can make insurance difficult to get or make premiums very expensive. Even if you only have minor traffic violations on your record, you might find that you have entered the high-risk category. This could mean you have to improve your standing to get decent coverage.

Don’t Drive Under the Influence

Depending on your weight, having one alcoholic beverage may be too much to safely and legally drive. If you know that you’ll be driving, the best thing you can do is not drink. It may be less exciting on a night out to be the designated driver, but it’s a role no one should take lightly. Better still, you could ask your friends to take turns alternating who drives while out so everyone stays safe and has a share in the responsibility.

Staying Within the Limits

An easy way of making the roads safer for everyone is to stop speeding. Unfortunately, data suggests that areas with speed limits of 65 mph or more are five times as likely to experience a fatal crash as a road with speeds of 40 mph or less. When we speed, stopping and handling curves become more difficult, and it is harder to tell how far you are from objects in front of you, including other cars. Moreover, speeding doesn’t actually save you any time. For instance, if you’re traveling a distance of 50 miles and drive at 65 mph when the posted limit is 55 mph, you save less than nine minutes total. The shorter your trip, the less you save — and the more gas you waste. Overall, it’s safest to slow down and not take unnecessary risks.

Driving with a Rental

When you book a rental, you need to take extra precautions as you drive. After all, you won’t be familiar with the dimensions of your vehicle or how sensitive the accelerator and brakes are. At the least, to ensure safe navigation, you’ll need to adjust the mirrors, seat, and steering wheel level to something comfortable for you. Of course, you may need to purchase additional insurance, as required by many rental companies.

Ignoring Distractions

Many of us know the dangers of driving while on our phones, but there are more distractions than making calls behind the wheel. To ensure you stay focused on the road at all times, it’s vital that you never drive when you feel hungry or overtired. Similarly, you must minimize all distractions, such as the radio, grooming, or chatting to passengers. It should go without saying, but using your phone while driving is not only dangerous but it’s also illegal. If you need to use your phone for the sat nav system, invest in a mobile phone mount for your car to ensure you’re applying safety precautions. By devoting your full attention to the task at hand, you make your trip safer.

There is nothing as meaningful as staying safe on the road. We may not get thanked for it, but we are rewarded when our loved ones are secure and our insurance rates stay low. It’s one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and for those around us.

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