Kanagorn Hoontrakool’s 2002 with S14 (M3 E30 heart) COTM Jan 2022

Pictures; Kanagorn Hoontrakool & Ohm Akapong

Year 1972

Vin 1553535

Custom green I bought this project from a friend of Oam Suwan (Thailand 02 group), he already got the chassis done ( with rush and ready to be painted), S14B23 was already in the car but not properly done.

The ex owner didn’t really have time to finish the project off then I offered him a good deal and took the project from him. Full restored body work by TKZ garage and mechanical work by Lek-A-Arm garage back in 2016 It’s probably the first 2002 that’s solidly run by S14B23 in Thailand.

The legendary S14B23 is mounted to car on a new hand built subframe by Lek-A-Arm garage. K-sport track spec coilover kit is put on to the car with fully adjustable handcrafted control arms. Running on 185/55/14 Yokohama A050 soft compound attached to the BBS built 14” cross spoke from E30s era.

The S14 is overhauled to the original spec too keep it healthy, We use standalone ECU (Motec) to control the engine and modded to direct coil system.

Custom exhaust system and roll-cage by local craftsmanship Fighter garage. The idea of this car came from the track oriented Porsche GT3 RS that came with factory roll-cage and A/C We de-trims some of the chrome work on the body to have the minimal style track look.

Having a good local craftsmanship is such an advantage so we took the opportunity to built a full roll-cage welded onto the body to meet the racing cars standard but have them close to the body as possible to keep the clean look as a daily driven.

Starting from top of the front suspension top mount across the body through front firewall the absorb the impact to the bar that cross body underneath the dashboard.

From ground up along A pillars to B pillars then down to top of rear suspension mount and also a bar across the body on top mount of rear suspension, Top of B pillars down to the floor and one across the rear seats (covered in carpet).

The idea is to make the car as solid as possible to handle power of the 200hp S14B23. But power is nothing without control, AP Racing Pro 5000+ is used to control the car as its the biggest possible to fit in with the 14” wheels. Disc system from an E30 is attached to the rear.

It’s just so much fun to drive, 200BHP and an under 1 ton car! RWD full control with a dogleg gear box that comes with this S14B23 Can you imagine driving this thing??? screaming at 7500RPM

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