Car of the Month – May 2013


Marc West’s Round Rear Light Black Tii

mw 01

Fell in love with 02’s as a kid when my bothers mate steve took me for a 100mph blast in his black 02. roundie affectionaly known as “Hank” thought it was the coolest car ever, i knew i’d have to get one, one day!

mw 02

This is my 2nd 02, the 1st being a 73 tii which the insurance took away after it was shunted outside my house (pleased to say, its back on the road, saw it on ebay a few times a while back, have you come across it RLM 162L?? ) it was blue with bbs wheels an a webasto roof, loved it!


mw 04

HGN196K  a 1972 tii came to me about 8yrs ago with the plan of building my dream car, she came with a book of receipts for an engine rebuild at jaymics only a few yrs previous, fell in love an started work. the more i stripped and probed the more rot i found, floors, sills, arches,  front chassis rails front panel, bulkhead etc etc found a local welder who was going to cut out all rot and weld in fresh metal. well, what a mess…

mw 05

mw 06

All the work he did  was piss poor to say the least!! at this point i started to look for another shell but couldnt find anything suitable, so in for a penny! at least i’d know all the rot was gone, ended up having the whole shell blasted back to metal and found some ford guys down in somerset to do a proper job. front floors were replaced, inner and outer sills, rear quater repairs, literally have to be made up due to lack of original metal! At the same time i had strengthening added to the refabricated chasis rails at the bulkhead, all waist trim holes welded up and rear arches extended using a new set of arches with some extra metal let in.

mw 07

mw 08

Rear arches then lead loaded, the old fashion way! want this car to last. waxoyld everywhere,


Car has had spax springs and shocks fitted all round, lowered a couple of inches,all suspension bushes polybushed. brake system refurbed, rebuilt servos, callipers, cylinders, new pipes, braided hoses etc stainless jaymic exhaust, k+n filter .

all seals. rubber replaced , tinted glass, battery re/sited to boot. original bumper welded and re chromed with early short corners(no rubbers)

mw 09

mw 10

She sits on genuine ronal alpina alloys from an e21, staggered 15×6 front and 15×7 rear.took me 2 years to find and got them from Germany, requiring refurb!  ouch!!

mw 11

She has bmw recaros again i believe from an e21. the car is soon to have a 5 speed e21 box fitted when i get round to it as current box is dying, the car is an ongoing project and probably will never be finished………  leather retrim . m3 engine conversion.. who knows?

mw 12

I would describe my 02 as a custom, its not to the purists tastes, i’ll admit.

mw 13


but i built this car for me, the way i like it anyway, taken me 8yrs so far, but  thats nothing compared to how long ive been planning it!  she is a hoot to drive and gets nods everywhere and i love it!

mw 03

Cheers for your interest and keep 02’ing.


Marc West.













2 thoughts on “Car of the Month – May 2013”

  1. Hi Marc, nice motor, glad to hear I had some positive influence on someone when growing up…!!
    Sad to say I had to let old “Hank” (HAN75K) go a couple of years back but will always remember the joy of driving, for me, one of the coolest cars ever made. Keep up the good work.
    All the best

  2. Hi mark yes i’m still the owner of RLM 162L I did put her on ebay a few years ago must of been a moment of madness in the end i couldn’t let it go its my pride and joy .Nice to see your 2002 looks good malc.


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