Bringing Back The Style Of The Classic BMW 02 Series

Bringing Back The Style Of The Classic BMW 02 Series by Lucy Wyndham

Two years ago one of the greatest classic car models, the sleek BMW 2002 series had its 50th anniversary. Five decades after its launch on the market it remains one of the most compact BMW models with its signature interior and exterior design. But even as such, it is still a classic car and needs specific maintenance and upgrades in order to stay in proper shape. So, why not take advantage of new technology by retrofitting your favourite vehicle and giving it a powerful boost.

Beat The Heat

As an old time classic car, the BMW 2002 calls upon all retro style lovers and brings together fans from all over the world. But while being a classic, it does not offer the luxuries of the latest vehicles, so you can furnish it with new high technology without ruining its classical interior look. The lack of a modern air conditioning system, for example, can be a pain in hot summer days when cooling down can only be achieved the old fashioned way, by opening a window. Current BMWs offer a great range of characteristics and luxuries but if the slick new series is not really your type maybe try retrofitting an old 02 classic and take advantage of the advancement of technology.

Vintage Stereo Meets Modern Audio

Changing cassettes in the build-in player of classic cars positively brings back nostalgic memories, but choosing to install hi-tech speakers in your convertible really raises the standard. Upgrading the audio system of the 02 coupes can be truly awesome with the bass vibrating through the whole chassis and even the giant steering wheel, certainly provoking goosebumps. Nothing can compare to the clear surround sound of proper audio speakers blasting with the open sunroof and the warm summer breeze.

Old But Gold

Built to last, the 02 series really packs a lot of useful specs, but being more than 50 years old, these models can sometimes experience issues. With many vehicles exposed to different weather conditions, rust can cause some damage to the exterior and the regular use can lead to a shabby interior. But by retrofitting, similar small damages can be fixed so your treasured car can stay in the best shape possible. Refurnishing the leather seats, for example, can make quite a difference without interfering drastically with the interior design. Polishing headlights and mirrors brings out the details of the vehicle and upgrading pedals undoubtedly makes that 4 manual shift really swift.

Even though retrofitting may not always come cheap it can be turned into a great hobby. Experience all your beautiful memories once again or create even greater ones in your favourite BMW 02. Turn up that favourite AC/DC song on the surround audio and drive off into the sunset.


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