Jhaonai Nuamrawee 2002 – COTM May 2024

Service; Touch classic garage
Pictures; Acceleration and JK
Hi, my name is Jhaonai this is my first BMW 2002.
My grandfather used to have a BMW 2002. He took me on tour in this car when I was a kid.
Even today my grandfather has passed away. But Grandpa and this car are still in my memory every moment.
This car is a 1972 BMW 2002. It is left hand drive and automatic transmission from the factory.
The color is Fjord Blue.
Original Engine M10 single carburetor.
Automatic Transmission 3 speed It is a gear that gives very good torque early on. Works well in traffic jams. Fuel consumption is approximately 10% higher than a manual transmission.
Suspension has been completely replaced. Every ball joint uses new items. Gives the softest feeling New Boge shocks and springs Stainless steel exhaust pipe according to the design from the BMW factory.
I have 2 sets of wheels to put on this car. The two feel different.
The first set of wheels is BBS RS070 15×7 ET16 wheels instantly make your look younger.
When installing this set of wheels I will remove the bottom staircase. To make it look more sleek
The second set of wheels are the original wheels from the factory. with cover of long bumper model
On days when I have to travel long distances or go to a hotel, I’ll put on this set of wheels. Because it feels retro more classic.
I feel happy with this car every day. It brought me to meet many people. I have made many new friends. Got a new experience
I want to thank you for this car and the many new friends I have met.

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