Óscar Álvarez 1600 – COTM March 2024

My name is Óscar Álvarez and I present my 1970 Bmw 1600 from Tenerife, Canary Islands

The vehicle was acquired by Mrs. Joaquina Mendoza on July 10, 1970 from the dealer Walther Sauermann (invoice attached) and she had it until I bought it from her sister in February 2020

The car was initially in good condition, completely original, with all its components.

First of all, I upholster the front and rear seats, waiting to be able to take it to the workshop to proceed with its bodywork and paint repair.

I waited almost a year for a painter and once I got tired of him, I contacted another professional, Taller Custom Classic to start the repair in July 2021.

The repair itself lasted a little more than three months, since when the vehicle was dismantled, the sheet metal was damaged and the sheet metal had to be deeply repaired (photos attached).

Once the body repair is completed in October 2021, we move on to mechanical repair and small details to finish the vehicle approximately in February 2022.

In June 2022, I participated in my first rally test for classic vehicles in the XII Clásica de Aguere together with my navigator Jorge Garcés, in which we were winners of the test (photo attached) and tremendously satisfied with it.

Thanks – Teresa Mendoza, for having sold me the car – Custom Classic, bodywork and paint repair shop – Antonio Martin Workshop, mechanical repair workshop

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