Max Punya’s 1602 Convertible – COTM July 2021

Max’s amazing convertible 02 with Steel roof;

Now featured in a new video -Better Day, enjoy;

Max Punya is a car restorer and he has a passion for the BMW

1600 in Thailand.

I have friends to make many BMW 2002, therefore became a favorite and wanted to follow along, I have a lot of old parts that cannot be used and that get damaged over time.

I followed a Bmw 1600 for 4 years.

He parked, left the wreck,did not drive. I asked to buy from him several time until him sold it” said Max.

Below, project;

The car has changed its engine to 4A-GE (16-valve) 1.6L 1,587 cc, engine from Toyota truno AE86.

Toyota 4AGE 6 manual transmission.

Speedstar Japan wheels size 15” 4/114 front 8.5” rear 9.5”.

Turbo look body parts.

Took color from friends Volkswagen T1.

Projector LED headlights.

KE30 car seats

The roof has clasp anchors, front, side and back.

The car name is Mr. Xam Xam meaning that raw it’s match personal habits and the uniqueness of the car that is raw, easy and comfortable

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