Garry Gilbertson 1602 from Australia – Car of the Month March 2019

I love my old 02. Bought it in 1976, ’72 roundie 1602 because I couldn’t afford a new model. Just loved the feel of it.

I had an older Hillman before, but basically learned to drive in the BMW. Looking back , I admit I pushed the limits of
the car pretty hard and credit my survival not to my driving skills , but to the forgiving and predictable handling of the car.

It was my daily drive up till 1998 when I got an E30 323i for daily use to go along side my wife’s 325e .( a much underrated model )
Being a home mechanic I undertook all the maintenance . My involvement with the BMW drivers club gave me contacts
and new opportunities. I became close with Bob Brooks who owned BM Spares and Repairs and through his help I was able to upgrade the car to 2002 spec.

Everything was changed 3.64 diff, engine from a 320 auto ( I wanted the lower comp ratio engine ) , 2002 speedo , tachometer in lieu of clock, the only thing that remains are the small dia rear drums . Sadly I didn’t know the value of matching numbers. I lost the block, but otherwise my car looks outstandingly original. Except for the 5″ steel wheels from the TI model. I’ve seen lots of stuff on the internet with many examples having much modifications, but my intention has always been to keep the car looking as original as possible.

I’m too old to get into social media, but would love to share my story and photos and possibly some information which
others would find helpful. My car has just undergone a full brake rebuild and shock replacement A$3000.00 and runs
just like a 70s car. My home built “Opto” electronic ignition installed 1978 still working fine.

I would love to post photos, especially the ones that show the original headlight arrangement. It’s done 250 thou miles.
Sincerely Garry.

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  1. Hi I have been trying to track Garry down for a number of years. Met him in Europe back in 1981 and visited him and this car in 1989. Do you by chance have an email for Garry? I live in Calgary in Canada. I also am a 2002 fan! Also, We drove the great ocean road in this car! Great fun!


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