Car of the Month Oct 2018

Baljesh Mehmi’s Square rear light Tii

The car was purchased in 2004 and was in working order and on first appearance looked very smart. A good few years of running and with the help of local BMW 2002 expert “Ron Wormsley” I was able to ensure it was used on a regular basis. The car is an original 2002 tii Lux, have receipts dating back to 1976, loads of work carried out, previous owners did a good job in looking after the car. However, it was clear on closer inspection there was a growing problem of rust in many of the usual places.

After scraping through a MOT with the help of Ron in 2007 I decided to use the car for my wedding, one the day the car failed to start. Ron pointed out it needed significant welding to the sills and other areas. This was the start of a downward spiral. Used the car very infrequently for about 3 years and with the help of the AA was always able to make it back home, I did make it to Gaydon 2009.

Baby 1 (Suri) arrived in 2010 so the car sat for other 2 years. Scrapped through another MOT and then decided to put the car up for sale, I did not get any decent offers so the car lay sat for about 12 months, there was no way it would get another MOT, Ron had retired, so with the support of my daughter I decided to get the job done and get rid of all the rust, I was not interested in just getting the bad areas repaired.

Baby 2 (Lila) arrive in 2013. Totally stripped the car down to the shell, tried as best to document everything to help ensure if could get it back together, that was the plan anyway. Sent the car to be shot blasted and then the problem areas could be seen in clear light. Loads of rot, thought about welding myself, realised this was going to big a big job. Decided to outsource late 2013 the welding and paint to a local company, David and team did a great job. The car was with them for over 2 years, during this time we moved house too. This totally scuppered my rebuild plan as we moved from a house with a double garage to a single garage.

I conceded that there was no way could get the car totally re assembled . Enlisted the help of the Jaymic team to help get the car back on the road, 2018.

Won best in class that weekend at the BMW Festival Gaydon.

Would I do it again? Maybe.. for sure there was no way I would have got this done on my own, finding garages that can work to your times scales/budgets was key. Over the 8 year period I have lost count of how much I have spent, but it was manageable, getting it done in any shorter times frame wouldn’t have. The final product has been worth it. The car has zero rust, filler, patch work repairs. Fully refurbished drivetrain, front and rear subframes, struts, interior, new wiring loom, tank, brakes, servo, bumpers, glass, trim,  …..etc the list goes on and on.

From a distance it looks like another great 02, close-up its unbelievable, some have said it’s the best they have seen, which is great!

Covered 500miles with the family.

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