Car of the Month – Feb 2018

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FEB 2018

1972 BMW 2000tii Touring

The Journey, the Joy and the Story

Foreward 1

It is not about the cars, it is about the people……


The genesis of this statement in unsure, it may have come from one of the many times several 2002 owners had together on the caravan to Keystone, Colorado, in 2002. Whenever or wherever it came to be, it was true then and is true today.


Start the fascination of BMW 2002s, 1972                                     Travel 28 years                  



Journeys often have defined moments of the beginning and the end, but my journey of enjoying the vintage BMW 2002 doesn’t have a defined beginning and the end is still out there at the end of a turn. However, the roads traveled and the people met along the way are worth every penny spent and hour invested keeping my two little cult cars on the road.

My affection for the BMW 2002 began in college in West Virginia reading David Davis’ articles on the 2002. Funding my college education myself, as many do, cash was short, too short to even think about a BMW. But somehow, I did save enough for a down payment to trade my 1967 Plymouth Fury on a 1972 Datsun 510. It was a nice alternative to the BMW 2002. After the Datsun, car life then took me through an MGB, Oldsmobile Cutlass, Dodge Colt, a BMW 320i and several other family vehicles until one fateful day, July 4, 2000.

Purchase my first BMW 1972 2002tii Travel  1 year         

It was on our way to view fireworks, in all places, Martinsburg, West Virginia, when Evan, my youngest son, and I spotted a bright yellow 1972 BMW 2002tii sitting on King Street with a for sale sign. Two days later, the car made its way from West Virginia to our home in Maryland, with Nathan, my oldest son, driving, Evan in the shotgun seat, and me, pops, in the back seat. The seat I occupied many times over the next few years as the boys and I attended BMW 2002 events, gatherings and fun rallies.

From July 2000 to June 2005, the journey of the “yellow little car”, my wife’s affectionate name for Pikachu, the name the boys dubbed the car, took me through mechanical upgrades and pleasurable road trips. The road trips led me to all of the Mid-Atlantic States, North Carolina, Connecticut and 1,700 miles to Colorado meeting people captivated, and some obsessed, with the car that saved BMW from bankruptcy in the early 1970s. The trips were with other 2002 owners and drivers chasing each other around twists and turns. Most of the time, one of the boys was behind the wheel of my car and “pops” in one of the other seats.

Make a U turn on 9-11-2001 Travel 4 years           

9-11 2001, the date changing the course of history also changed the Williams family and started the journey of my ownership of the 1972 BMW 2000tii Touring. Work took me to all three crash site immediately after 9-11.

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