Is Caffeine The Secret To A Safe BMW Road Trip? by Lucy Wyndham

The British population currently consumes 95 million cups of hot coffee every day. That’s an increase of 25 million cups per day since 2008. Many of these beverages are consumed before or during a road trip, and every driver knows that a BMW’s quick acceleration speed makes the BMW the perfect vehicle for a family road trip. But when you consume coffee and jump into your BMW with four driving modes and 9” light alloy wheels, how does it impact your driving experience?

Better than a nap

With the 495-litre capacity boot of your family BMW 3 Series Touring packed full, it’s only natural to want to get to your destination as soon as possible and to forgo pitstops. What’s more, with an engine that goes from 0 to 62 mph in as little as 7.5 seconds, once you’re on the motorway, there’s no stopping you. Many drivers will combat driver fatigue by grabbing a quick coffee, as studies have shown that drinking between one and two cups simulates the same effects as a 30-minute nap. And, even if you find yourself dealing with a minor case of acid reflux following your cup of coffee, there are ways to combat caffeine-related side effects. By switching to dark roast varieties or adding a dash of salt to your brew, you’ll feel better and ready to continue your journey.

Increased alertness

Staying alert on the roads is the key to arriving at your destination safely and protecting your BMW from bumps and scratches. After all, your custom Java Green metallic or Snapper Rocks Blue metallic paint job won’t look impressive when damaged. Thankfully, research has found that a cup of coffee can increase alertness in drivers. Researchers in Australia found that long-distance drivers who consumed caffeine were 63% less likely to crash due to the caffeine keeping them on high alert. Meanwhile, a further study found that drinking coffee significantly improved nighttime driving performance in young and middle-aged individuals.

Knowing when to stop

Research has proved that a 75mg serving of caffeine is all that’s required to increase attention and alertness in drivers. This evidence is also backed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Should you still feel tired after consuming this much coffee, then it’s best to take a 30-minute break and to have a short nap before recommencing your journey. By doing this you’ll recharge your batteries and will protect your precious BMW on the road. After all, BMW state that a dented bumper will cost £114 per panel to repair and repaint. You’ll also safeguard yourself from the ill-effects of too much caffeine, which include headaches, irritability, and restlessness.

Research suggests that coffee can boost your performance on the road and reduce the risk of accidents. However, over-doing the caffeine can result in undesirable side-effects, so it’s important to take regular rest breaks when on a road trip with your family and your BMW.


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