5 thoughts on “02 Wheels”

  1. Hi
    Can you tell what is the widest rim & at what offset I can fit to my 02 with turbo arches?

    I’m thinking 15″ X 9″

    Cheers Simon

  2. Simon these are 13′ 6J which were the correct size for Turbos. Therefore if you’ve fitted turbo arches these would be and look correct for your car. Call if interested, Richard

    • Hi Richard
      I’m confused, did you send pictures? I’m thinking of fitting either 15 X 9 or 15 X 7 with an offset of ET20. Would either of these work with turbo arches or would I need a zero offset?

      Many thanks


  3. 13″ e21 turbines: These wheels do fit the o2 but be aware they are higher offset. They sit quite wide and are close to, but clear the rear arches by just enough to get your finger tips in. Also; you can’t fit volvo calipers under them (unslotted). They do look great though.


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