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  1. I don’t want to see Turkey in the EU. Well there are plenty of rsnoeas why.1) For me personally I don’t speak from the name of my nation please bear that in mind. Turkey is a Muslim country. Most Europeans are Christian. I want to remind something to Europeans. Remember Israel the Holy Cross, The Holy Lands, Jesus. This is what the crusades were for. If Europe is a friend of Israel they should not support a Muslim nation inside Europe. That is like letting a wolf inside with the Sheep.2) I cannot forgive how can America and The West Support Turkey after such evidence. Armenian Genocide which Turkey strongly denies. Illegal Invasion of Cyprus. Istanbul (Constantinople) People from Europe snap out of it. This was the Second Largest Roman Capital and today it is in Muslim hands. In Turkish Hands. Europeans are so fond of Roman culture and they brag all the time about it. OK here is a stain on your clothes. Be Ashamed that Constantinople (Istanbul) is not in Greek hands or in any other Eastern Orthodox Christian country.3) OK Turkey is a Huge Market but who actually supports Turkey? England and America. America needs the Bases in the middle east and England are Imperialists and Money loving nation. For them there is no God its just money. There is no Morale. This does not mean that the Rest of Europe has to become like a wasteland and a backyard of trash.

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