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  1. Hello I would like to say something I don’t know if my comemnt was posted last time, but I will tell you this.1) This ongoing debate on weather or not Turkey should join the Union needs to stop. They Should finally put an end and say YES or NO. It is really slowing down everything. I don’t know why are the EU still playing. Who does actually support Turkey for EU membership. I will tell you UK and USA. USA wants the Bases in the Middle East and the English people are interested in Money and a bigger market and, not that it is really going to look like a Garbage or Junk yard in the whole continent of Europe when they accept Turkey that is.2) Why do we Need TURKEY. Please I can SUGGEST OTHER COUNTRIES.Why don’t EU forward Ukraine, Moldavia, and Belarus which are Orthodox countries and are perfect for a christian club like the EU. Like Ex-Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi suggested why don’t we take all of Eastern Europe. And Other thing why Don’t we suggest to take the Ireland but United as a Different country in the EU. To tell The UK to Grant Independence to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland so they can be members even better Northern Ireland to Unite with the Southern Ireland.3) Lets Take all the Balkan countries and Iceland of course Serbia should stay in pact with Kosovo as a whole country. This I think would be a much better Idea that Europe can work on.4) If Europeans are fond of Roman culture than they should try to take back Istanbul here you go an even more drastic and patriotic thought for Europe. Because look it as this way Spain managed to draw off the Arab Moors in Morocco, so what is the problem with Turkey. I think Europe should be a Christian club and there are far Better candidates like the New Celtic Republics on the British Islands Ex Yugoslavia with Kosovo as Part of Serbia and Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus.

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