Arthid and Phuttidit’s Rallye Monte Carlo Tribute – COTM Sept 2021

Named: Grand Pa “Wall-E

Another Thai beauty, this month a replica of the original Rallye Monte Carlo 02 from the 1970’s

1600-2 M10

Manual Transmission. Sahara colour code It was a car in Bangkok that I was trying to buy 6 years ago from the owner which at that time refused to sell.

Until the time passed. Year 2019, I came across a car posted for sale in Chiangmai so I end up bought it. I was extremely happy and proud of after I came to know later that it is the same car I wanted to buy 6 years ago.

Big thanks to Touch Classic Garage for taking car of the overall engine restoration, Suspension etc., until this car came back to life like it was 40+ years ago.

The car overall design and decoration was supported by “Xammax” shop which also help on fitting and alignment of the entire car.

At first the design was influenced by Alpina style and later changed to a Rally Olds School style which is my favourite style now.

Interior is equipped with a Recaro seats

Wheels 15”x8” rim fitted with Yokohama AD08.

Cibie spotlight, stripe with sticker on the side giving a look of 70/80s era.

Got also a huge inspiration of a 1975 Monte-Carlo Rally.

Pictures by Ohm Akapong

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  1. Hello
    Nice one. We are building a 2002 tii with the same design. Do you have more pictures of the car to share. I’m located in Switzerland.
    Thank you for your support.
    Best regards,

    Rene Haeberlin


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