Is it Getting Harder to be a Motorhead?

When You’re Ready to Sell Your BMW 2002

There are only a few reasons a classic car collector will want to sell their beloved classic, and almost none of these reasons are willingly. But when the time comes to say goodbye to those beloved wheels, it’s important that they’re in good shape to be sold. Classic car collectors have a different view on the purchasing and selling of their cars, as these cars are more than just a means to get from A to B. Classic cars are almost the only cars considered investments, as unlike the other cars on the market, they don’t depreciate in value. In order to get the best out of the sale, here’s what to do.

Original Parts Are Often the Dealmakers or – Breakers

Those in the industry know there is a vast difference between an original, restored, and resto-mod classic car. Originals are very rare and for this reason, tend to fetch a higher price on the market. Those looking to purchase aftermarket parts to keep their BMW 2002 running, might compromise the price it will fetch when that fateful sale day arrives. To find factory original parts is a tough feat and often takes serious collectors years to find the perfect fit.

The Trick is to Keep the Value of the Car as High as Possible

NADAguides and Kelly Blue Books use a number of rating points when determining the value of a vehicle. When it comes to classics, the field is slightly different and their approach has to be adjusted. There is often a grey area when it comes to determining classic car prices as the demand is also slightly different to that of an ordinary everyday car. Some of the points that could add value to the car include the age, the paintwork, parts, and possible modifications.

Match That Paint Job Accurately

Collectors often argue that classic car enthusiasts won’t paint over a classic painting and change the colors and the same should go for a classic car. Museums often have restoration departments that are known to revive old paintings and the same approach should be used for a classic. This means taking it to a specialist that can match the paint codes to the car’s trim tags. This will allow it to retain that classic color without scratches and rust.

BMW 2002 collectors are known for their attention to detail and the desire to keep their classics as close to the original spec as possible. This should always be top of mind when considering the resale of this particular brand.

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