Bavaria Tour 2002 (the lost images)

Found some of my original images of the original Bavaria Tour in June 2002, enjoy;

Below; waiting at Dover for ferry

Below; Overnight stop

Below centre image – arriving in Oberammergau

Below; Andy Andexer’s genuine Diana 02 (stunning)

Below; USA journalist got to use the Mobile Tradition 2002 Ti (Colorado car behind mine)

Breathtaking scenery

Below; Mint RHD Cabrio (Frank someone worked for Siemens)

Above; Genuine Alpina from Rio, yes folks (where is it now?)

Below; This Touring owner was apparently a good friend of Mr Alpina and had all the work done by Alpina

Below; Olympic Park Munich

Above; The Fjord Blue 1600 GT originally owned by the Quant family

Below; BMW 2002 Turbo concept at the old Mobile Tradition Museum

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