Bavaria Tour 2002 (the lost images)

Found some of my original images of the original Bavaria Tour in June 2002, enjoy;

Below; waiting at Dover for ferry

Below; Overnight stop

Below centre image – arriving in Oberammergau

Below; Andy Andexer’s genuine Diana 02 (stunning)

Below; USA journalist got to use the Mobile Tradition 2002 Ti (Colorado car behind mine)

Breathtaking scenery

Below; Mint RHD Cabrio (Frank someone worked for Siemens)

Above; Genuine Alpina from Rio, yes folks (where is it now?)

Below; This Touring owner was apparently a good friend of Mr Alpina and had all the work done by Alpina

Below; Olympic Park Munich

Above; The Fjord Blue 1600 GT originally owned by the Quant family

Below; BMW 2002 Turbo concept at the old Mobile Tradition Museum

1 thought on “Bavaria Tour 2002 (the lost images)”

  1. Richard:

    Ben Weston here, of the Black Turbo in the pictures. So fantastic that you found them! There were so many great cars there and the best crew ever representing the U.K. I appreciated your letting me travel with you and that was an event I will never forget. The car is now here in Scottsdale, Arizona which is really the Classic Car capital of the US. I have that and my UK 3.0 CSi which was converted to LHD and restored by VSR1 in New Hampshire. Lucky to have both of these cars, as always, both black and beautiful! I have an event tomorrow in the Turbo which is running and driving great! All credit to Jaymic and the best turbo mechanic in the world, Frank Beck at Beck’s European here in Scottsdale. Stay well and thank you for all you have done to keep these now 50+ year old cars alive!


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