Peter Armstrongs 2002 Tii – COTM Jan 2024

Above; March 1994 Front cover, the article that sent me down the 02 path – RS.

Before a detailed and interesting narrative starts , I regret to inform everyone that Peter passed away on the 5th February 2021 after a short illness.

Peter was the original treasurer of the BMW 2002 Register when it founded in 1989.

To say Peter was a 2002 Enthusiast might be understatement of the new year.

Many will remember Peter and may have even been on 2002 motoring excursions in the company of his bright Yellow Tii.

Above; waiting at Dover for another 02 trip to Europe

He would however have been delighted to share the story of his 2002 Tii , so the following information has been provided by Peter’s wife  Margot , Peter’s great friend Martin Bull , founding secretary of the 02 register and Longterm Friend , Richard Stern , current Chairman of the 02 register.

Above; Bavaria Tour 2002 at Olympic Park Munich, Peter left and Martin Bull on right (nice jacket Martin)


Margot had first met Peter in 1971 when they both worked at Acquascutum in London’s Regent Street.

Margot had come over from Munich , Germany to improve her English and Peter had rapidly made her aware of his love of cars. He always made himself available to park the business owners Jaguar when requested.

Margot had grown up with BMW. Back in the late 1960’s at Munich , everyone was working for BMW and it seemed everyone was driving one. The new (neue klasse) 1500/1600 was especially popular.

In later years Margot was accompanying Peter in an Escort Mexico when he was extoling the virtues of the car and his enthusiasm for its performance. Margot was unimpressed. She’d been very used to BMW most of her life and found the Ford struggling to live up to what she had become accustomed to!

In any event , Margot eventually found herself at a particular point in time , having to put up with Peter and four BMW cars.

Margot explained Peter had always wanted a BMW 2002 Tii. He saw it as the Making of BMW.

In his own words , ” If he was going to buy one , he was going to buy the right one”.

He’d always said once he was in a financial position to do so , He’d want one he could make his own and invest in it to make it perfect.

It must have been a near Two Year search to find the right car and it came about with a little luck.

Peter was good at building contacts and had quickly got in touch with renowned BMW 02 Restorers , JAYMIC of Cromer , Norfolk.

Above; one of the many visits to 02 Specialists – Jaymic in Cromer, Norfolk. UK

Peter Explained to Jaymic proprietor and founder , Mike Macartney , should a good car come up , He’d want to be the first to hear about it. (Mike Macartney is a renowned expert on BMW 2002 and has also written two books on the Subject).

The BMW 02 Restoration Guide and The BMW 2002: A Comprehensive Guide. Essential reading for any 02 owner and any BMW fan)

In 1988 , Mike had received a modestly unusual letter from a gentleman living in the Midlands. The letter enquired if JAYMIC might be interested in acquiring a BMW 2002 car , which had been left by an Uncle who had since passed away. Mike referred the car to Peter who set out in some haste to see the vehicle in question.

Peter couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw it. An untouched and unabused BMW 2002 Tii in ”Golf” Yellow. Low Mileage and with a meticulously recorded service history. The car had been the property of a most fastidious Police traffic officer who had , upon retirement acquired the car new from a local BMW dealer.

Peter bought the car there and then and it wasn’t long before he’d submitted the car to Mike Macartney at JAYMIC , with an instruction to bring it up to the very finest order. The car was ready after about a 6 month period and became very much part of married life.

Most memorably , Margot recalls the Munich Trip in (year) 2002.

A near week excursion to Bavaria , the regional home of Munich and of course of BMW.

Above; Peter’s car somewhere in the 1000’s of 02’s that attended the Bavaria Tour 2002

Appoximately 300+ participants stayed in the Beautiful Bavarian alpine village of Oberammegau.

Above; Oberammegau on the Bavaria Tour 2002, once again with navigator Martin Bull

Aside from touring the countryside many found their way to Neuschwanstein castle.

For those who might be unaware of this most famous fairytale castle (or Schloss in German), its the Castle that was flown over in the Childrens film , Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Eventually all the cars made their way to the BMW headquarters and although this had been planned , the BMW staff and management were shocked at the size of the convoy.

Peter was proud to display the car at Alexandra Palace in 1989 and particularly at Essen’s Techno Classica (Germany) for the 4 day period 12th March to the 15th March. Anybody remember seeing it there?

Margot explains Peter established an interest in a garage at Gravesend in Kent.

The garage re-located to Longfield , Kent and shortly after this , Peter and Margot moved from London to Kent.

Peter’s involvement with the garage had stemmed from meeting like minded individuals at the 2002 Munich Trip. Of course it allowed Peter to indulge in more time with his BMW 2002 Tii.

Margot always assisted Peter with continuing the definitive cataloguing of the paper and photographic history of HVP92N. Margot does possess exceptional organisational skills and these were perfectly applied to the documentation of Peter’s BMW 2002 Tii.

The documentation of the cars history really is Quite something.Even the original letter from the Nephew of the Police Traffic Officer to Mike Macartney of Jaymic resides within the files. A wonderful historic Document , this  however is the tip of the Iceberg.

The detailed cataloguing is simply astonishing. From Day one to Right now. Every service , Every Bill , Every letter , Every Photograph , Every magazine and much more.

The documented History file depth and detail cannot be overstated.

It would not be bold to detail HVP92N as the most fastidiously documented BMW 2002 Tii Known.

Very much a reflection of Peter’s love for his Yellow ’02.

MARTIN BULLS recollections of PETER and HVP92N.

Martin describes Peter as the biggest BMW fan of all time.

Peter and Martin shared a passion for motorsport. Having originally met at a 1987 Silverstone race event and again at a Donnington Motor Race event when they parked their cars next to oneanother.

Both were keen admirers of BMW racing and in particular , Race Driver Hans-Joachim Stuck in his BMW 3.0 litre CSL ‘batmobile’.

Martins everyday vehicle had been a 1602 BMW. This had not gone unnoticed by Peter who’d confided he’d always wanted to buy a Brand New 2002 Tii , but simply couldn’t afford it at the time.

He’d had a BMW 633 Csi and an Alpina 5 series, but now was more than ready to find the best 2002 Tii he could find and bring it up to ”as new condition”.

When JAYMIC proprietor Mike Macartney put Peter on to HVP92N , it was Martin in his BMW 320i who drove Peter to staffordshire on a cold winters day to see the car.

Once acquired and within a very short space of time , HVP92N was used by the two friends to attend a 1000 klms race at Silverstone and men and car had to endure torrential weather to follow the days events.

Soon after HVP92N was submitted to JAYMIC as per Peter’s grand plan for the car.

From the Summer of 1988 and through to the Winter of 88/89 , HVP92N resided at Jaymic in Cromer until its grand unveiling in early Spring 1989.

Martin recalls he and Peter paid regular visits to follow the progress of the car.

By April 1989 the car was displayed for its first time at Alexandra Palace in London.

In Autumn 1989 , HVP92N went off to Hamburg , Germany for the ’02 Treffen ( Meet in German)

Martin remembers near 1000  BMW ’02’s in attendance. Cars from Holland , France , Italy and native Germany.

HVP92N was the only Right Hand Drive car and many European enthusiasts were delighted to sit in the drivers seat to experience an ’02 with ”the steering wheel on the wrong side of the road.”

Martin Mentions these were the days when Thomas Muller , a most informed and dedicated 02 native of Germany independently produced an 02 Club magazine called NullZwei.

Thomas had access to Alpina products and BMW paid little attention to their older cars , with Focus on their new Machines. Subsequently Thomas was an important man to the 02 movement in Europe and the UK.

Today , BMW have a very different approach and quite rightly recognise the significance and importance of all their vehicles and the supply of parts to maintain and keep them.

Above; sneaking onto Spa, back in the days when you could on route to one of the European weekends

Martin recalls one of the regular memorable continental BMW ”meets” was at a small Dutch Village called Baarlo , near Venlo and right on the German border. A big ”concours” event.

It seems the camping ground shared a ‘Sprint Circuit’ which the attendees were invited to use.

The Mainstay enthusiasts were Dutch nationals but many German cars attended as well.

Peter and HVP92N attended first in 1989 and for the following 5 years.

The Grandest event was ”Munich 2002”….. 2002 BMW model in the year 2002 and sponsored by BMW mobile tradition. A ticket event that culminated in a trip round the BMW museum in Munich and saw 200+ BMW’s attend. Only about 4 or 5 appeared from the UK.

Regular UK events for the 02 register were at Brooklands , Surrey and in the company of the official BMW car club. Martin humourously recalls a lady at the entry gate shouting to someone senior ”Where do we park the old Bangers?”……. We wonder if she was ever enlightened?

There also used to be occasional meets at a Pub in Gerrards Cross , London with the BMW drivers Club.

Another Humerous event occurred when Peter was working in Russia.

Peter had a consumate skill in building great contacts and had arranged a london Photoshoot of HVP92N for  Your Classic Magazine.

Peter asked Martin to take the car and attend the ”shoot” in his absence.

Like a good friend Martin Jumped to it and spent the day in Freezing conditions , much to Peters amusement.

Above; Martin “Borrowing” Peter’s car for another magazine shoot

Martin always remained happily on call for Peter and the Yellow Tii and the two visted Techno Classica , Essen , Germany in 1990 , 1991 and 1994 in the car.

The Final time Martin went on a continental trip with Peter and his beloved Tii was in 2005.

The Requisite trip to the Spa Francorchamps Race circuit and the ”Old track”.

With Peter always ready for spontaneous exploration in the Yellow 2002 , excuses were quickly found to vist the Ardennes and inevitably Arnhem where ‘a bridge too far’ was easily negociated by trusty HVP92N.

Above; Pride of place, on display at the Techno Essen show, Germany

Martin remembers Peters Involvement with the ”Gravesend Garage” and recalls Phil and Angelo , two gifted BMW engineers. Angelo attended the 2004 ’02’ ‘Ter Apel’ BMW meeting in the Netherlands with Martin and Peter.

Ter Apel is a small dutch village in a rather Northern location against the German Border.

Martin recalls Angelo Devito being quite a character and particularly comedic at this event.

Martin last saw Peter in 2015/6 and was aware Peter’s Health was deteriorating , but his spirits and his love of his Yellow Tii were not. Martin affectionately recalls Peter’s often used Phrase ” Its all gone wrong ” , always delivered with a grin and a glint in the eye. When it came to HVP92N , the phrase was always ”You’ve got to use them Martin”.

Martin Details he and Peter covered many miles in HVP92N and on reflection recalls the Yellow Tii never missed a beat. There was only the one occasion driving back from Hamburg , Germany in 1989 where a rocker Gasket Oil leak appeared , but was soon fixed.

Martin concludes they and the car went to more events , outings and race meets than can possibly be remembered.

Above; Rare picture of Peter washing his own car (usually done by me I recall – LOL)

RECOLLECTIONS FROM RICHARD STERN , Chairman of the BMW 02 register.

Richard became chairman of the register in 1996 and in essence , assumed the mantle from colleague and friend Martin Bull.

Richard indicates it was Peters Yellow 2002 Tii that got him hooked , when he saw it on the front page of the March edition of ”Classic and sports car”.

Above; One of the many Dutch 02 meets, this one Lelystad

Richard recalls striking up a friendship with Peter that lasted beyond a decade.

They became good friends and there was many a time Richard drove his White 2002 Tii Lux followed by Peter in his Yellow Tii into central london for a meeting and fashionable lunch.

Peters bright Yellow Tii always appeared to get all the attention with bystanders and watchers pointing at its distinct  colour shade , leaving Richards white car somewhat playing second fiddle!.

Richard always took it in good spirits though!

In February 2002 , Infact it was deliberately the 20th February 2002 ( 20.02.2002) a group met up to visit Munich Legends in East Sussex , then on to L&C BMW of Tunbridge Wells before heading back to Londons Finsbury Park Circus (for a Thai dinner) with all the ’02’s parked around the circular park.

Above; 02/02/2002 at Munich Legends

Above; 02’s parked at Finsbury Circus, City of London for a Thai meal on 02/02/2002 the end of a fantastic day

In a humerous Anecdote , Richard talks of Peter coming from London to visit him in Hertfordshire and it was Richard who ended up washing Peters car!  Unpaid of course…that’s real friendship!

Its speculated that Richard was the only one Peter would allow to wash his prized Tii!

Richard has clear memories of the Alexandra Palace show event where HVP92N was proudly displayed by Peter. Known as the London classic car show , this was very much the heyday of the event and was particularly popular with enthusiasts and trade alike.

Richard can recall many trips across Europe , including the Dutch Meets at Baarlo and Lelystad and memorably around the city Streets of Amsterdam in Convoy.

The BIG trip was certainly Bavaria in june 2002 celebrating 40 years of the 2002. The Club headed across Europe to Munich with the stay at Oberammegau and an en route visit to Alpina.

Above; Bavaria Tour 2002 Olympic Park, Munich

Back in the UK there was the annual event at Brooklands , Surrey where hundreds of ’02’s were parked on the banking.

Another ‘Premium’ event officially supported by Richard and with Peter in attendance was an episode of ”Massive Engines” on the Discovery television Channel. This is something well worth visiting if you’ve not seen it and perhaps again if you have.

Episode 2 of the 2004 Chris Barrie presented television program offers a focus on the BMW M10 engine and how the 80 Horsepower 1499cc 4 cylinder engine in the 1960’s BMW 1500 eventually developed into the Formula One Turbo charged engine winning the 1983 Championship with Nelson Piquet’s Brabham. Its a mighty strong block!!

Europe’s first Turbo charged production car was the BMW 2002 Turbo and this episode closes with focus on a White 2002 Turbo (original UK Press car and at the time owned by Martin Edwards) standing next to Peters Yellow Tii.

So thanks to Richard , Peter’s car has even made it onto television!

Above; “Massive Engines” which was originally shown on Discovery Channel with Chris Barrie. Turbo was the original UK press car

Richard cannot recall Peter’s Yellow Tii ever breaking down and indicates an admiration of Peter’s heater which always worked properly! He recalls the car was always ”on the button’ and set the standard he wanted to follow with his own Tii , but never quite achieved when compared with HVP92N.

”Peter liked the fine things in life and had a confident style of his own” says Richard.

Above; Feature taken at Bruntingthorp for Classics Magazine

HVP92N in Magazines.

With Peters  inherent ability to build good contacts combined with his unabashed enthusiasm for his Yellow Tii , it was inevitable the car would attract the attention of the car magazine fraternity.

The First magazine feature was in ”Restoring classic cars ” , June 1989 edition.

Martin Bull recalls this was a very fine, detailed  article written by John Tipler , a renowned motoring journalist and car historian , who naturally applied a high level of expertise.

”Your Classic” magazine , March 1991 also featured the car on the front cover.

In 1994 , Peters Tii made the front cover of ”Classic and Sports car” magazine and featured prominently in the central ”best buy , BMW 2002 ” feature , which extended to 10 pages.

In July 2000 , HVP92N could also be seen on the front cover of ”Classic cars” magazine in an article called ”England vs Germany”  of all things!

Peter knew how to reach out to the editorial team but this also reveals his unbridled passion for his Yellow Tii. However Four articles in Four different magazines is a significant achievement for any historic car.

HVP92N at BMW ASHFORD (kent dealership)

in later years Peter’s enthusiasm and care for HVP92N never wained.

He continued to use the car but sparingly and always protectively ; mainly on Sunny and dry days.

In this period he always had it serviced at BroadOak BMW in Ashford , Kent.

In April 2015 Sam Pitchford , Sales Manager at BroadOak managed to get Peter to display his 2002 Tii in the showroom as a centre piece and a lineage tribute to the very latest 3 series BMW.

Sam and BMW Ashford as a franchise were quite pioneering in their time with their penchant for putting an ”old car” in the showroom with New cars.  They had a showroom position they called Heritage Corner and Peters Yellow Tii featured for about a month. Sam clearly remembers organising the Photographs and using a local field full of yellow rapeseed as the shoot location. The effect was excellent and Peter’s car got a lot of attention.

Sam , to this day remains a great admirer of HVP92N. He has since left BMW , but runs his own operation in Kent called Elms automotive.


Peter remained one of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic individuals in the Register with an almost unsupassed expertise in the 2002 model and an obsessive commitment for the highest of standards when it came to his Tii.

Peter and his car became well known within the BMW 2002 Club aswell as the UK BMW club and in Europe.They’ll be many out there who will have met Peter and no doubt enjoyed his company and enthusiasm. His Yellow Tii became the Benchmark standard for many and its hoped this article evokes happy memories for all those ’02 participants and enthusiasts. Infact its hoped it interests all BMW drivers out there.

Peter would undoubtedly be telling you all ‘‘ You’ve got to use them!”

The car Resides with Margot in Kent and as difficult as it is to part with , Margot has decided to put the car up for sale. It is hoped it will go to an enthusiast who has always wanted a Tii.

Above; Margot and Steve Connaughton

Steve Connaughton , Provenance engineer , is assisting Margot with the sale of Peter’s beloved BMW 2002 Tii.

Steve can be recahed on +44 (0)7801 542497 or at [email protected] and speaks to Margot on a regular basis should any of Peter’s former compatriots wish to get intouch with her.

This Article has been researched and written by Steve and he expresses his thanks to Margot , Martin and Richard for their memories and assistance.

I am sure the 02 register would be pleased to hear from others who have memories to share.

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