May Sae-Tang’s 2002 – COTM Oct 2023

This BMW 2002 is named “Dang Baile”
I am passionated in BMW 2002 because it used be my dream car when I was a child.
It gives me a feelings of gorgeous compact and exciting all the time when I stare at 2002
performance and design of 2002 drives passion into love; classic but comfort
This 2002 comes with 4 cylinders 2,000cc and rear wheel drive.
Fuel: Gasoline Benzene 95
Horse power: 35 hp
Transmission: Manual with 4 step.
Top Speed: 140 km/hr with 0-100 in 15 secs
Weight: Roughlt 1 ton
Wheel: BBS 185/55/15 AUSTONE Tires
Intertior still be conservative look. This 2002 can be a daily car as I frequently drive this car to meeting.
For long distance, I have no worry because this 2002 took me and family to Surathani with a distance of 1,400 km safe and sound.
02 Power ;o)

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