KITH Electric 1602 – COTM Oct 2022


With release of the new BMW i4 M50 is not just the first fully electric M car, but also the second BMW M vehicle that New York designer Ronnie Fieg has exclusively designed as part of the collaboration between his brand, Kith, and BMW M GmbH – inside and out.

Only seven BMW i4 M50 by Kith vehicles will be produced for the public. One of those is the only vehicle within this collaboration being auctioned to a global public audience.

To mark the limited edition, Kith is selling a 51-piece collection comprising apparel and accessories, inspired by the colours of the Kith Vitality Green vehicle paint and BMW Individual Caramel Merino vehicle leather in its stores all over the world and online. However, onto the 1602 that tells the story of the very first electrified BMW, which came onto the market 50 years ago and which is part of the brand’s high-performance segment.


In particular is the 1602 of course; Kith Vitality Green is the colour in which all vehicles of the collaboration are painted. While the exterior is an exquisite green, the full-grain merino leather interior is in the colour Caramel. In the 1972 BMW 1602 Elektro by Ronnie Fieg, the leather of the seats is embossed with the Kith lettering, as are the leather inserts in the footwells for the driver and front passenger.

Below; Edward Norton with 1602

The logo altered to feature the Kith lettering instead of BMW can also be found on the centre holes of the rims.

This historic vehicle is bridging the gap between the past and the electrified present. As a BMW enthusiast, Ronnie Fieg has also transformed a 1972 BMW 1602 into a contemporary electric car. A homage to history: at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, two BMW 1602s, converted into electric cars, were used at various long-distance competitions as accompanying and camera cars by the organisation committee.

The unique 1972 BMW 1602 “Elektro” by Ronnie Fieg will be handed over to the designer by the BMW Group. He already owns an impressive collection of BMW vehicles, including a legendary BMW E30 M3 by Kith stemming from Season 1 of the collaboration.

His passion for BMW was sparked as a boy by his grandfather; the collaboration with BMW M means this comes full circle for him. Ronnie Fieg founded his Kith label in 2011.


The logo on the hood of the 1972 BMW 1602 by Ronnie Fieg looks different again: the BMW letters have been swapped for Kith.

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