My Past Cars

Some good, some not so good – Enjoy;

Above; taken at Leadenhall Market City of London

Somewhere in The Netherlands

Above; arriving in over night stay at Lelystad NL (Wilbert I think that’s you greeting me?)

Above; E28 M535i with my first Tii

Above; Early X5 4.4i shortly after timing chain guide went

Above; looked good but it wasn’t, horrific experience with this P38 Range Rover V8, spent more time “off-road” than on the road and by that I mean in the garage trying to be fixed (ECU).

Above; Alpina replica main feature car in Total BMW and at few shows

Above; Santa Pod trying my luck at the standing 1/4 mile, this time against a racing Imp.

Above; E46 323i awful cream interior

Above; Blue Velvet Club Sport Auto (Wife’s car)

Above; Yes a M5 E28 1 of only 2 in Malachite Green (shouldn’t have sold this)

Below; feature car in Performance BMW some years ago

Above; my first ex-Italian turbo No.0386 found in Pescara Italy (traded if for the Red M3 E30 below + a nice cheque);

Below; the World’s LAST Turbo No. 1672 found in Cremona Italy (it was rotten, now being restored by its new owner in UK)

Below; Wife’s M3 Estoril, Manual black leather (should have kept it)

Below; My first M5 Le Mans Blue (lowered on coil-overs, not a good idea)

Below; Alpina B10 3.3 Manual (still craved for a V8 though)

Below; Metallic Black M3 E30 215Bhp model (shouldn’t have sold it, but did enable me to buy and restored the Colorado Tii)

Below; 325i Sport Touring (should have kept it)


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