Essential Tools Every Classic BMW Driver Should Have In Their Car – By Lucy Wyndham

Nearly 75 percent of millenials don’t know how to change a car tyre on their own, according to a poll on 2000 drivers by TV show ‘Flipping Bangers’. The same poll revealed that 63 percent of millenials have never tried to repair or modify a vehicle. Many people only know how to get into their vehicles, turn the key, and drive to their destination, without really knowing how various components work and what to do if anything goes wrong. While you can hire a mechanic to fix your car when things go wrong, it’s a good idea to learn the basic principles of vehicle repair and maintenance, especially if you own a classic car like the BMW 2002 series, which has been around for many years. With such knowledge, you can fix some car problems yourself, saving yourself from having to call a mechanic every time. But knowledge alone is not enough; there are some tools that you should always have in your boot which will come in handy as you attempt to fix your car.

Socket and screwdriver set 

Sometimes things can come loose in your BMW 2002 series, whether from age, vibration, or another reason. Often, it takes just a simple tightening of whatever is loose to fix or avoid a problem. With so many nuts and screws of different sizes in the car, having a set with multiple screwdriver tips and socket sizes will offer you the most flexibility, whether you want to fix a loose battery terminal connection, a slipped hose clamp, or other problem with the engine.

Car jack and spanner 

Getting a flat tyre is almost as easy as turning the ignition. A flat tyre can happen anywhere at any time, and unless you know how to change it, you could be stuck for hours waiting for help to arrive. Having a jack and spanner that fits the tyre nuts makes changing a flat tyre as easy as pie. A car jack can also come in handy when you want to change your oil, inspect for damage, or conduct repairs in hard-to-reach areas under your car. With many types available, you need to ensure that you have the right jack for your car. For a low clearance vehicle like the BMW 2002 series, for example, you’d be better served by a scissor jack, which is lightweight, simple to use, and can easily fit under your car.

Duct tape 

This may sound too simple, but duct tape can help you fix a myriad of problems in your car. From damaged bodywork after a minor accident to temporary fixes on hoses, wires and other parts, duct tape can fix some problems long enough to limp it to the nearest mechanic and save you from being stranded or having to spend money on being towed. Make sure you have quality duct tape that sticks well in a variety of temperatures and situations.

Whenever you fire up your BMW 2002 series and hit the road, there’s always a chance that it will break down, no matter how good you are at driving or taking care of it. Fortunately, with the right tools, you can fix the problem yourself, or at least give yourself a chance to get home or to a repair shop.


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