BMW 2002 Series: Changing Engine Oil for Driving Safety


Oil changes make up 10% of the estimated $70 to $1656 cost of maintaining and repairing your classic BMW 2002 Series, according to Your Mechanic. With these figures, it’s easy to see why you need to be more serious about preventative maintenance to ensure your car is in perfect condition. Whether you’re an existing owner of this classic car, want to do some restoration work or buy one for your vintage car collection, one aspect that could shorten the lifespan of your BMW 2002 car is failing to change its engine oil often. In fact, it might increase the risk of you experiencing breakdowns, not to mention, being involved in an accident. Here’s what you should know about changing your engine oil and how it makes driving safe.

Why Is A Regular Engine Oil Change Essential?

The number of times that you change your engine oil will affect the quality of your car’s engine. With time, engine oil tends to collect dirt. While the engine filters will remove this dirt from time to time, too much of it will bypass the filters and get to the engine of your classic BMW 2002 Series car which can be quite detrimental. Additionally, the oil additives like dispersents and detergents will get used up, which means less lubrication for your vehicle’s engine. With the increased friction levels, comes the increased chance of the car breaking down. In case the car breaks down in traffic, there is no telling the amount of risk this can pose.

So, What Is The Best Oil For Your Classic Car?

Under severe conditions, your vehicle’s oil needs to be changed once per every 3,000 miles of driving. Lucky for you as a BMW 2002 series owner, oil specific to your car’s requirements can still be found in the market. In case you can’t get the oil, then working with modern alternatives that will be great for your engine is essential. Typically, look for oil options that have as many additives as possible to take the place of the original oil. You need the right oil to ensure your vehicle engine is running smoothly. Without proper engine maintenance, you may be driving a car with potentially serious mechanical defects which may put you at harm’s way. Since modern oils are typically deprived of some additives that classic cars need for maintenance, then choosing oils with the recommended additives for your BMW 2002 Series is essential. Just be sure to carry out some checks before blaming the engine oil for any issue.

Do Not Forget To Monitor the Engine Oil

Among the most effective ways to determine the efficiency of your oil choice is to keep on monitoring it. Other than changing the oil regularly, you should pay attention to the condition of the oil between changes or on a monthly basis. Is the oil clean or does it have particles in it? If the oil doesn’t look clean during a number of checks, then changing the oil brand you use is paramount. High-quality oil is essential regardless of what you drive – and your classic car deserves to run on the best. Furthermore, great oil will improve the gas mileage of your vehicle.

Preventative maintenance is among the best ways of avoiding car breakdowns and any unwanted incidents that might follow. A simple step such as changing your engine oil once in a while can mean so much in terms of the safety and convenience of owning a classic car like the BMW 2002 Series. Consider changing your engine oil regularly to have some peace of mind.

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